Thursday, 22 December 2016

Early X'mas gathering at TCC

Met up with the late queens on 9 Dec 2016. The thoughts of meeting up with them made me so restless. Intend I waited 2 hours for them, I can understand Ellie will be late as she’s bringing her baby Emilie along, but the other 2 ladies had no other reason to be late.

While waiting for them, I ordered the Cocoa Mille Crepe Cake as I’m craving for chocolate cake. I will rate 2.5/5, and prefer the crepe cake from Lady M. I had my usual Seafood Aglio Olio and we shared Truffle Fries, Saucy Crispy Wings with Hot Tequila Lime and Calamari.

Before Ellie came, Jenny told XY don’t 2 person go holiday, 3 person come back. Initially I don’t understand what Jenny meant, after I realised I was shocked that XY will be travelling oversea with her new boyfriend of 3 months. I’m a conservative type while XY is bitch type but travelling with a guy after knowing only for 3 months is abit too fast, furthermore this guy is a stranger met at a dating event. Jenny and I pester XY to show us her new boyfriend photo, finally she gave in and show us. When Jenny keep telling XY don’t 2 person go 3 person come back, XY said touchwood, which mean she have this thinking of having intimate action with the guy. I really hope she don’t rush into marriage like Ellie which turns out to be a bad one.

Over the dinner, Ellie shared the unhappiness between her in laws and her husband. Her maid sow discord between her and the in laws. She don’t understand what is her maid motives in doing these. We advised her to send the maid back to the agency, in case anything serious will happen. She’s unhappy that her in laws believe a maid rather than her. Her mother in law knew she and her husband relationship is on the rocks as they quarrel everyday, instead of helping them to patch she add fuel to the fire.

I don’t really bless her marriage as she and her husband was always quarrelling during courtship time and this guy is a womaniser. The rushing is also partly cause by her mother. Her mother know a little about fortune telling and said it’s a good year for her to get married and if possible gave birth to a monkey zodiac baby as it will be good for both of them. A blissful marriage should depend on how the couple maintain, it’s not depending on fortune telling. I hope Ellie and her husband will soon master the skills on how to maintain a marriage relationship, as divorce will only hurt her daughter.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Wire in CP Tempura Chicken

Yesterday (12/12/2016) my mum was eating the CP brand tempura chicken when she found it difficult to bite into half. She used her hand to tear open and found wire in it. It’s so gross and unhygienic. Lucky my mum did not pop the whole thing inside her mouth like what I did, otherwise I can’t image the situation.

I post comment and the photos on their Facebook page “CP Singapore” requesting for their explanation. They reply me after an hour for more details. They wanted to collect the food and the packaging but I find it inconvenient releasing my address. I told them about the inconvenient and asked them to be careful in handling the food next time. They kindly ask for the photos of the packaging with the expiry dates so that they can feedback to their head-quarter. I do not know what kind of measurement they will do to avoid this mistake again.

I personally do not like to purchase CP brand frozen foods after reading a post in Facebook that there are maggots in the buffalo wings after the lady fried it. Already warned my parents but they did not believe until this incident happen to them and they mentioned they dare not buy CP brand again.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hanok Korean Language School - Basic 1

On 24 Nov 2016, I started my Korean language lesson. The total cost for the lessons is S$290, but I only had to pay $20 in cash as I’m using the Skillsfuture credit fund and there was $20 discount when I register with my friend and early bird promotion.

I’m very excited to learn the language as I’m crazy about Korea. It will be useful whenever I visit Korea. On the other hand, I’m worried not able to catch up with the lessons as I’m not gifted in language and not good in pronunciation.

The day arrived. I bought waffle for myself and Ting to eat as snack as the lesson ends at 8pm. We were greeted by the teacher Kim Hee Jo when we enter the classroom. The classroom was small and I do not like the table arrangement as I had to turn my body to face the teacher and the white-board, in long run it will not be good for the back and bone. For my next lesson, I will reach early to find seats facing the right way.

The pace was fast and I had difficulties catching up and understanding. We also had difficulties understanding whenever Ms Kim speaks in English. When I finally gets into the picture, Ms Kim gave us an assignment to find the vowels and consonants that match the words. She did not explain what is the meaning of the words stated in the card. There are 4-5 ladies whom are quite expert in Korean language but Ms Kim should not assume the rest are expert in the language, if we are expert we will not be attending Basic 1. I think for the next lesson I got to tell her to explain the meaning of the words.

I study on my own during the weekend to have a better understanding what lesson 1 was about and to be able to catch up during the next lesson. The Korean language is slowly attracting me to study hard and I should not give up halfway. Fighting Racheal!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Innisfree DIY Music Box

I bought all the 3 designs, Rudolph, Santa Claus and Christmas tree. Every Christmas edition products you buy will entitle you to purchase it at $2 each and the amount will be donate to charity.

I had so much fun doing it. All 3 took me one and a half hour to assemble and paint. Initially I do not want to paint the Rudolph so that I have another feel, but too bad I broke 1 of his leg as I’m too rough when fixing. I use scotch-tape to fix it and lucky I’m able to paint over the scotch-tape and it’s not noticeable.
*PS: Have not taken the Christmas tree photo.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Cheon-an (19 Oct 2016)

Jeju (16-18 Oct 2016)

I love Jeju scenery because it’s so pretty. I feel calm and relaxing looking at the nature beauty. This is what you can’t get to see in Singapore.